Scout for Applicant Tracking System – Sendouts

Using performance-based matching technology, Scout’s app for Sendouts recommends new jobs you can fill based on your profile and past hiring experience. Seamlessly integrated into Sendouts, Scout helps you work on more qualified job orders. As a result, Scout makes it possible for you to become more profitable by reaching new clients, with no business development efforts.

  • More Qualified Job Offers

    Scout’s performance-based matching technology sends the right jobs to the right specialty recruiters so your time is never wasted.

  • No Business Development Efforts

    Steadily increase your permanent placements by reaching new job orders with no sales or marketing.

  • Total Visibility

    Full disclosure throughout the entire submission process lets you work directly with employers so important person-to-person communication is not lost.

Scout at Work

Using Scout’s performance based matching technology, search firms are able to become more profitable by working with more clients that have more jobs in their specialty. Only employers using a Scout partner Applicant Tracking System can participate, so you know you’re always working with credible, engaged employers.

Open the door to new client relationships so you can place more of your available talent through an easy job-order search. With no marketing efforts, Scout makes it easy to increase your placements without leaving your current workflow.

And if you think it couldn’t get easier, Scout handles all billing and collections. Scout issues the invoice after confirming 90 days of employment and handles all payment disputes.

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